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Rule One: Always Post The Rules

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Rule Three: Answer All Eleven Questions (Please) and Write Eleven More or Your Own

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1) Tea or Coffee?

     Umm hard to choose but probably coffee because my friends and I always hang out at Starbuck’s, but tea otherwise.

2) If You Won The Lottery…?

     Probably pay my way into college, invest some money to get more money, and then start fundraisers for charities so they continuously get money

3)Siblings? Age? And Relationship with Each?

     You could say yes to that… I’m the second of FIVE children… Logan the eldest is ok. He’s kinda lazy and hes annoying but he’s also kinda cool to talk to and stuff. Then me then my first sister, Alley. She and I have always fought and argued but are somehow the two most alike. She’s cool in a good mood but otherwise, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Then Maddie, the next one. She is a brat… Love her but I mean… And finally Luke. He’s in that adorable baby stage so I love him and I’m his favorite sibling but he’s probably gonna be annoying one day, because all siblings are, no matter how much you love them.

4) Are You Insecure About Your Weight/Appearence?

     Yes but isn’t everybody? Nobody’s perfect no matter how much they try to act it so I say Fuck That and be Confident! I used to hate myself bc skinny and acne and gross hair but now I work out a little bit, my face matches my hair style, and even though I still have acne, I don’t care. I got over (trust me it wasn’t easy) so everyone should be confident in themselves bc there is beauty in everyone. Rant/Encouraging Speech over.

5) Something I Like About My Body?

     Wow, the opposite of the previous question… I guess it’s too narcissitic and untrue to say everything, but I am starting to like my body size and I love my hair usually.

6) Fav Childhood Movie?


7) Night Owl or Early Riser?

     Definitely a Night Owl. I can stay out and party all night but wake me before like noon and I don’t wanna move…

8) Plans for Future Career?

     I’ve decided I really want to be a physician but what kind always changes but right now it’s an ER Doctor. I already have First Aid training, I’m CPR Certified, and I have liscensing with Ellis & Associates Lifeguarding/First Aid skills.

9) If My Life Was A TV Show, What Genre Would It Be?

     Does Romantic Comedy count? Because my life has all the drama and comedy parts but it’s sorta missing the Romantic part…

10) Favorite Color and Why?

     Green. I don’t really know why but it’s such a pretty color and not a lot of people like it but I love it plus it apparently looks good on me.

And Finally 11) Fav Article of Clothing and Why?

     I can’t choose between two but I have this Rue21 shirt that literally got me like ten compliments in a day (while I usually maybe get one) and I just love the shirt and the other is a plain black shirt from Hot Topic that says “Sometimes I wrestle my demons, Sometimes we just cuddle” It’s really cheesy and like fake emo/punk sounding but I love themessage behind it and it represents my favorite people bc I was with some of my bestest friends when we got it and it has so many stories behind it bc so much happened that day at the mall, like a group of guys who were blazed as hell drove up as we tried to leave and offered us Marijuana and cocaine… Plus we made a friend at that Rue 21 who is this guy who talked with us for like 40 minutes about our cologne bc it was his job and he was bored so now he recognizes us and he is hilarious.

Ok Now For My Eleven

1) When you’re having a really bad day, what is that one “escape” song that just makes everything alright?

2) Do you think it’s fine to have multiple best friends but not have that one or two best friends that just mean everything to you?

3) What is your typical outfit consist of?

4) Who is that one or so person (people) you tell everything about in your life?

5) Are you more of a logical or emotional thinker, (Thought vs Gut, Heart vs Brain, etc)?

6) What is the most embarrassing/funniest thing ever to happen to you?

7) What is the first physical trait you look for in a person? First personal characteristic?

8) Why is that your tumblr name URL thing?

9) What is(are) your biggest pet peeve(s)?

10) What is the one thing you are most confident about with yourself? Name a physical and mental or personal characteristic.

11) Do you think everyone has one perfect soulmate or is there a choice between multiple people each with their own benefits and flaw or another theory?

And I choose you, leotherepairboyvaldez, thegirloffandoms, im-just-ty, acbranch, frumpasaurousrex, 5secondsofleavemealone, jaceypenny, ray-winters-sings, gay-theist, daniimalbelieves, wickzydoll8! (That was a Pokemon reference in case you didn’t catch it)




A Mom went to have dinner with her son who lives with his roommate.
During the course of the meal, his mother couldn’t help but notice how handsome his roommate was. She had been suspicious about her sons sexuality but being a good mother she felt that he would let her know if and when the time was right but seeing the two together just made her more curious.

Over the course of the evening, while watching the interaction between the two she wondered even more if there was more here than meets the eye. Her son, sensing his mothers watchfully eye volunteered, “really Mom, I can tell what you’re thinking and you can just get it out of your mind, we are just roommates and nothing more”.

About a week later the roommate remarked, “ever since your mother was here the silver serving platter has been missing, do you think she took it?”

He responded, “Well I’m sure she didn’t but I will email her and ask just to be sure” he sat down and wrote:

Hey Mom
I’m not saying you did take the silver platter from the house and I am not saying you didn’t take it but the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner.
Your Son.

A couple days later he got a response from his mother:

Dear Son,
I am not saying that you do sleep with your roommate and I am not saying that you don’t sleep with him and you know I love you and could care less either way but the fact remains that if he was sleeping in his own bed he would have found the platter under his pillow.
When are the two of you coming for dinner?



I’m crYING

So I guess I have to say 5 things that are nice about myself so here goes:

1) I like my face (just not the acne on it)

2) I like being as tall as I am

3) Although I used to be a little socially awkward, I’m glad I have become a little more extroverted and how I easily make friends

4) My hair is usually on point (bc I can style it easily and it’s thick)

5) Mostly, I’m glad I always see the good in people which is why I can be friends with almost anyone

  • Bisexual community:

    We define bisexuality as attraction to people of the same gender and different genders.

  • Biphobes:

    Aaaaactually bisexuality means "attracted to men and women" because the prefix "bi" means "two".

  • Bisexual community:

    Okay, that's a really narrow and finicky way of examining things, but yes the prefix bi means two. Which means that bisexual people are attracted to two different gender groups. Like, for example, people of the same gender as them and people of a different gender than them. Which is what we said. Our definition of our own sexual orientation is still right even with your narrow and finicky standards applied to it.

  • Biphobes:

    Sorry, I didn't catch any of that. I have my entire head and neck firmly lodged up my own ass. Bi means two. Bisexual means




#I’ve heard about what was going on behind the scenes #and apparently the stage hands didn’t like shatner much and they were also having a lot of fun throwing the tribbles #so they continued to throw them much longer than was necessary #hence the last tribble thrown in the last gif


pretty sure the moral of this is “don’t fuck with the stagehands or they will throw tribbles at you”

It made the scene so much better though because you just watch Shatner’s face and crack up when a tribble hits him. Kirk is just 100% done this entire episode and I can’t get enough of it.

(Source: gamemodeartpop)

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